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Get schooled on Linalool!

Updated: May 25, 2022

Linalool is found in over 200 plant species and has a litany of uses. - Fun Fact

Spring 2022 is finally here! To all of the brothers and sisters who have fasted during #Ramadan it also happens to be Eid! We are thankful for all of our readers and are excited to share our newest #Terpz blog post. Today we'll be digging schooling you on one of the most fragrant and common #Terpz LINALOOL!

“Isn't that lavender?! #Terpz are found in a lot of flowers!" -Former fool, that's been schooled on Linalool

Linalool is a common terpene found in a lot of spring flowers and buds. "As a naturally occurring terpene, linalool has a lovely floral scent and is one of the main ingredients in essential oils such as lavender. It is typically used in up to 80% of aromatic hygiene products. You also find it in cleaning agents like soaps, shampoos, essential oils, and detergents." [1]

What is Linalool?!

Linalool is a naturally occurring terpene, meaning that it is grown without outside influence or interference. As we all know, since you've been following our blog, terpenes are natural chemical compounds that make up TONS of flowers, herbs, and various plants, with many different varying benefits and effects. Specifically, Linalool is used as an anti flammatory [2], sedative [3], painkiller [4], and anti-depressant/anti-anxiety agent [5].

The chill Terp!

If you're familiar with the essential oil community, then you'll know the go to for sleep/rest is Lavender. "Evidence of its sedative nature came almost by accident when a 2009 study tried to find proof that linalool possessed anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties." The study only ended up discovering that Linalool had strong sedative properties more than anything! They even discovered that it enhances the effects of sedatives, such as pentobarbital.

A more recent study, that demonstrated inhalation aromatherapy, found that inhaling lavender oil before going to sleep helped sleep quality for elderly patients with insomnia. So if you're having sleep issues, try a quick sniff of lavender and enjoy some linalool dreams. Since we've brought up the elderly community, let's delve into how linalool helps with easing a time sensitive disease a lot of us have witnessed; Alzheimer's.

#Terpz on the mind.

A study published in Neuropharmacology in March 2016, suggests that linalool is a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s [1]. Alzheimer's is a disease that builds up brain plaque and causes cellular "tangles" within the mind, which in turn introduces degeneration of neurons and cerebral tissue. A lot of us have lost grandparents due to this disease, and although there is no known cure yet, I've found that linalool and herbs containing it have helped ease the process.

From the study aforementioned performed on mice, it found that the terpene reversed a number of the cognitive and behavioral impairments associated with Alzheimer’s. This study also concluded with reducing brain tangles and plaque that were developed due to the disease.

Toxic #Terpz?!

A toxicity profile conducted in 1995, concluded that linalool was an irritant to the skin of several lab animal species. Now, we're not telling you take a linalool bath by any means, all you need is a little whiff from a bottle of lavender, a few lavender buds added to your smoke of choice, or even a little bit of lavender oil added to your humidifier to freshen/calm your immediate space. In humans, it appears that linalool may cause small skin irritation so of course use in moderation.

In a more recent study, it was found that linalool was neither phototoxic nor photoallergic. This means that concentrations up to 20% of linalool were NOT sensitizers, however it could still cause allergic contact dermatitis in some individuals.

That's all for Now!

Thank you for tuning in to our latest #Terpz newsletter! I've briefly covered the basic uses and properties of Linalool, but we still have SO many more #Terpz to cover. Enjoy the ride for now, we love it here! Be on the lookout for another newsletter NEXT week, and also our official release of the #Terpz Polo catalog! Peace and blessings be upon all of our beloved readers!

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