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Limonene is a chemical found in the peels of citrus fruits and also other plants. - Fun Fact

We're right in the middle of spring, so we figured why not bring up one of the most vibrant, and popular spring #Terpz. Limonene is one of our personal favorites, as it's found and used in so many ways, just like our previous spring terpene Linalool.

“Limonene?! Sounds like limes! Is it in limes?!" -Aggressively passionate scholar

Limonene (derived from the word limón, or lemon in Spanish) is one of the most popular #Terpz out there (found in grab an oranges, lemons, mandarins, limes, and grapefruits) and it could be partially because of its smell. Who doesn't love the fresh spring aromas of a lemon essential oil? Even better, who doesn't enjoy the fresh scent of spring cleaning products usually including citrus/limonene accents? There are so many uses for Limonene, so I'll narrow it and focus on the biggest ones. Let's learn about Limonene's health benefits.

Health is wealth!

Limonene is used to promote weight loss, prevent/treat cancer, and treat bronchitis. In pharmaceuticals, limonene is added to help medicinal ointments and creams penetrate the skin [1]. Limonene may even help reduce heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux (acid reflux). Limonene coats the esophagus and may help neutralize stomach acid (evident in the effects tea and cough drops). This helps the body's peristalsis (the waves in your stomach and intestines that push contents downward, rather than upward) to reduce GERD. Limonene also increases gastric mucus production to promote gut healing [2].

Slim-Fast #Terpz

We previously mentioned how limonene assists digestion/intestines, limonene also coats your large intestine to promote digestive tract health [2]. D-Limonene (Delta limonene) specifically has anti-inflammatory (internal/external) benefits and also acts as an antioxidant. Being that d-limonene a solvent of cholesterol (which in excess can cause coronary heart disease), d-limonene has been used clinically to dissolve cholesterol-containing gallstones [3]. Limonene also decreases stress/anxiety levels in terms of mental health (drink your tea with lemon!). We could go on and on about all of the different health benefits of Limonene but since our time is limited let's move on to it's conventional uses.

Clean up those #Terpz!

Limonene is a naturally occurring compound found mainly in the skin of certain plants and fruits, which can be used in many different ways when extracted. We just briefly covered how it's used in medicine but what about cleaning products? D-Limonene is a fragrance, and degumming agent, yet it is also a powerful cleaner proven to remove stains, grease, tar, and more. D-Limonene is a natural replacement for more popular solvents, which usually contain chlorine or petroleum [4]. If you ever want to opt in for a natural cleaning agent just find something with some Citrus #Terpz and knock that dirt out!

That's all for Now!

Thank you for tuning in to our latest #Terpz newsletter! I've briefly covered the basic uses and properties of D-Limonene the Citrus Terpene, but we still have SO many more #Terpz to cover. Enjoy the ride for now, we love it here! Be on the lookout for another newsletter, and also our official #Terpz Polo catalog! Peace and blessings be upon all of our beloved readers! ENJOY YOUR SPRING WEEKENDS!

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