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Yufeel Jiggavelli

Yufeel Jiggavelli (formerly known as SWADE JAH that brought you the light and dark views of the world.)  wrote his first poem at 5, and began rapping soon after. Jah met J.G. SWAYZE formerly known as JG Da Prophet when he was 16 and they dropped “Kool Prophecies“ the following year in December of 2012.  Jahs’ latest album "Grandmaster", was for the present and future fans that were lost trying to find themselves or their passion. The album was crafted from a personal time where he too was lost and in a constant state of seeking himself.  He believes that positivity will one day reach us all and that we should all keep that same outlook on our paths until then.  God, body, and mind along with every spirit that contributed to this album with their good energy, is the force that drives the music to be taken so seriously.



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