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PINENE Dreams!

Pinene is another one of the most common #Terpz around. You most probably have used products containing pinene!

We're back! Welcome to our first official blog post of 2022! We appreciate the love and support! We have sold a lot of sweatshirts and beanies thanks to those of you who desire to be informed. Today we'll be digging deeper into one of my favorite #Terpz PINENE!

“Pinene sounds like Pine cone, are they related?!" -Surprisingly informed person

Pinene is the dream terpene, being that it can be found in just about anything you can "dream" of! Pinene can be found in soaps, hair gels, fragrances, herbs, and even household cleaners. If you have tasted, smelled, or used anything with a "piney" attribute, chances are it contains Pinene.

What is Pinene?!

"α- and β- (Alpha and Beta) pinene are well-known representatives of the monoterpenes group, and are found in many plants’ essential oils. A wide range of pharmacological activities have been reported, including antibiotic resistance modulation, anticoagulant, antitumor, antimicrobial, antimalarial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-Leishmania, and analgesic effects [1]." That being said, pinene can be used in many beneficial practices and forms. One of the most prominent is found in cleaners.

Pinene Clean!

One of the most popular forms of pinene is the use of it in household cleaners. Namely, Pine-Sol, the pine cone smell comes directly from the chemical compound of pinene found in it. This same smell can be attributed to the smell of "the outdoors" or a fresh forest breeze. Alpha and beta pinene (Pine-Sol) are derived from wood turpentine which is commonly used for household cleaners [2]. Pinene isn't the only #Terpz used for household cleaners, as limonene (lemon cleaners) is as well, but it is one of the most prominent.

Pinene: The one that heals.

"The extraction of oils from leaves, flowers, fruit and roots of plants has been conducted by ancient civilizations since the beginning of human records. Therefore, terpenes have been used by humans in balms, oils and resins for various ailments for thousands of years." One of the original oils used by Ancient Greeks was the oil of turpentine. Most of these extractors held reputable occupations in their time. "The use of other traditional plant based medicines have been recorded throughout Ancient India (Ayurveda), China and Rome, including frankincense, myrrh, and other balms that were recorded throughout Biblical times [3]." The use of Pinene has gone back further than man can measure, I mean it's from nature so it was most likely here before us!

That's all for Now!

Thank you for tuning in, to the FIRST #Terpz newsletter! I've briefly covered the basic uses and properties of Pinene, we still have a long way to go before we even BEGIN to uncover #Terpz but don't worry we have plenty of time. Be on the lookout for another newsletter NEXT week, and also our official release of the #Terpz for kids catalog! Peace and blessings be upon all of our beloved readers!

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